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News and events for Inland Truck Centres Dubbo, Orange, Wagga Wagga, and Griffith.

Millers Metals

Bianca De Marco - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Millers Metals at West Wyalong has come a long way since Ian “Lofty” Miller first blew the dust off a business idea more than 70 years ago.

Lofty started out with shovels and picks in concreting back in the 1940s and today the fourth-generation family business has grown to be a substantial quarry operation working through southern and western NSW.

Millers Metals was established in 1972 when Lofty took his own small business as a foundation and started up with his son Peter, who is today the company’s general manager and can usually be found in the yard operating the loader.

The progression of the Miller boys into the business has been ongoing, with Peter’s son Jamie starting in 1998 and now heavily involved as mobile crushing/production manager, Jamie’s son Ryan is now on-site as a qualified mechanic.

Millers now have a substantial fleet of vehicles, plant and machinery. The business has expanded into mobile crushing, being contracted out to various privately and council owned pits providing a blasting, crushing and a screening service. A second quarry also operates in Forbes.

The Kenworth marque has been, and will continue to be, a significant part of Millers’ business growth.

They bought their first Kenworth 20 years ago in 1996 and have upgraded their trucks to ensure the quality and reliability is maintained within the fleet.

In October, Millers took delivery of two new T609s and Jamie said "he could see more Kenworth prime movers in his fleet in the near future."

“Four of our nine trucks are Kenworth,” Jamie said.

“Eventually we’ll have all Kenworths … it’s the truck of choice. On the ground they are hassle-free and get the job done, and from a business perspective, they’re value for money."

“We’ve got some other trucks around the place but they’re falling to bits … they’re junk really.”

Millers’ bright red trucks are distinctive and set the business brand which is easy to identify.

The trucks – usually pulling quad dogs or 19-metre stag trailers – can be seen anywhere between Forbes and Parkes in the north, to home base at West Wyalong and then further south into Griffith, Junee, Lockhart and Wagga.

“Our trucks get plenty of work so reliability is a huge factor for us,” Jamie said.

“We can’t afford to have trucks off the road or in the workshop. When we’ve got delivery deadlines we need to know the truck is going to deliver … When you look at our fleet, the Kenworth trucks are the ones that give us that confidence.”

Millers Metals employs 23 people, with that number steadily growing alongside the company’s growth.

Future expansion plans include moving into sand and recently the company has procured white metal.

It sure is a long way from the pick and shovel days, but a journey made easier on the back of a Kenworth.


Bianca De Marco - Wednesday, February 15, 2017


 As a valued member of the Kenworth community and Inland Truck Centres I am pleased to extend a special invitation to preview the all new Kenworth T610 and T610SAR.

To discover what makes the T610 our best truck yet, please join us for an exclusive presentation & BBQ on Thursday the 09th of March or Thursday the 23rd of March and an opportunity to meet with your local Kenworth representatives.

The launch of the T610 and T610SAR represents the culmination of years of work that together really epitomise the Australian Made. World’s Best. philosophy. The T610 is an Australian Made product – with more local design hours, more resources, more testing and validation than any Australian produced Kenworth before it.

All of which adds up to an unparalleled driving experience. 


VENUE:            Inland Truck Centres  
ADDRESS:       Newell Highway, North Dubbo NSW 2830
DATE:              Thursday the 09th of March
TIME:               6pm – 9pm
RSVP:              Please reply to Katrina by the 22nd of Feb 2017
PHONE:           02 6881 7900

VENUE:           Inland Truck Centres
ADDRESS:      260 Hammond Ave, Wagga Wagga NSW 2830
DATE:             Thursday the 23rd of March 
TIME:               6pm – 9pm 
RSVP:             Please reply to Bianca by the 22nd of Feb 2017
PHONE:          02 6932 9900 
Cliff Swane

Inland Truck Centres Pty Ltd

DAF quietly launches new 510hp version of CF85

Bianca De Marco - Friday, February 10, 2017

Almost lost in the buzz surrounding the launch of the new Kenworth T610, PACCAR Australia has quietly introduced a 510hp version of the DAF CF85 model.

Known as the MX375 due to its 375kW output, the higher rating of the 13-litre PACCAR MX 13 engine has been available for some time in the Kenworth T409 range as well as DAF’s flagship XF105 model.

New Zealand already has this latest specification, too, and when fitted to the CF85, the engine will produce the same 2,500Nm of torque that are available in its PACCAR stablemates. 

Maximum power is developed between 1,500rpm and 1,900rpm, with top torque output available from around 1,000rpm. To maximise the advantage of the additional 50hp, the 510 DAF is equipped with a 16-speed ZF ASTronic Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) instead of the 12-speed that is standard fare for the 460p engine, which will continue to be available.

Any fine-tuning of the integration of the mature driveline and braking technologies to suit Australian conditions should have already been achieved in the other PACCAR trucks with the same specification, so the 510hp version of the CF85 is expected to work seamlessly from the get-go.

PACCAR is hoping to position the CF85 as a contender for the Australian B-double market due to the 500+hp rating and the extra gear ratios.

“The CF has been a good seller here in the 460hp spec for mainly for single trailer work and we are now very pleased to be able to offer the truck with a 510hp rating,” Brad May, PACCAR’s Director of Sales and Marketing, told CRTNews.

“This adds another option to our line-up and presents a significant opportunity for PACCAR.”


Exclusive: Kenworth T610 sales set new record

Bianca De Marco - Friday, February 03, 2017

Sales for the new Kenworth T610 have surpassed PACCAR Australia’s already optimistic estimates, according to Prime Mover research.

Kenworth’s latest heavy-duty model, which was launched two months ago to the day, is reportedly setting new records internally, a PACCAR source revealed.

“T610 sales are going very well. We were confident the truck would be well received by the market and sales so far have justified that confidence and surpassed even our own expectations,” the source told Prime Mover.

While there is no information on the exact split between the standard T610 model and the SAR variant, Prime Mover expert, Peter Shields, said the success was “hardly surprising”.

“Kenworth has hit the mark with the new T610 in the sense that they catered to a demographic that hadn’t been looked after for a while – the smart conservative,” he explained.

“While being a long-standing bonneted truck enthusiast, the smart conservative is now expecting the same level of sophistication from a US style vehicle than they would from a European one. Style or grunt alone are not enough anymore.”


New Kenworth T610 could reshuffle truck market

Bianca De Marco - Friday, January 20, 2017

Kenworth’s new T610 model could be able to compete across a broader area of applications than any other truck currently on the Australian market.

According to Peter Shields, Senior Technical Writer at Prime Mover, the new T610 brings with it an “extensive range of versatility” that could see it succeed not only in the 26- and 19m B-double market, but also in the infrastructure boom-led tipper-and-dog segment, and possibly even in Performance-Based Standards (PBS) applications.

“Kenworth’s new heavy-duty model is arguably the brand’s most ambitious project to date,” he said.

“Walking the line between traditional design and high technology, it’s short enough to fit into Australia’s 26m B-double envelope and thus able to go head-to-head with the increasingly bullish European cab-over faction – all while retaining that distinct North American spirit Australian trucking is so fond of.”



Tumut Freight Service

Bianca De Marco - Monday, January 09, 2017

Transport and logistics flows deep in Michael Lucas’ veins. It’s in his blood – part of his DNA.

Riding high in the seat of his brand new Kenworth T409 prime mover in Tumut, Michael knows he was destined for a career in the industry.

Michael studied graphic design at university and was on the cusp of a national representative equestrian sporting career, but still the dynamics of transport and the lure of diesel drew him closer to the now third-generation family business Tumut Freight Service.

“The more you look at it, the more I know I was born to be in transport,” Michael explains.

“My grandfather on mum’s side was employed by Qantas in catering logistics. He was chosen by Qantas to be on board their first ever 747 jumbo they flew from America to Australia.

“And my other grandfather operated tippers and then a small freight and parcel service … that was the seed for the business we are growing today.

“All of this today is a natural progression for the family.”

Michael is the third generation Lucas family member to offer a freight service out of Tumut.

And it’s all happening on the back of a transport marque synonymous with the Australian road freight industry. Kenworth is playing a significant part in the recent growth of the business

“We can’t speak highly enough of the Kenworth brand and the service from Inland Truck Centres,” Michael said.

“The quality is in the build … we get the reliability Kenworth offers and excellent fuel economy from the Cummins E5 engine, which is important, to any business operating in a tight margin industry. The trucks are ‘specced’ perfectly for us, with Eaton ultra-shift transmissions coupled to the Cummins E5 engine – the drivers love them, especially in the city. They’re easy to drive and very comfortable.

“Keeping our drivers happy is another important component in choosing Kenworth, they love them and take great pride in them. We have excellent staff across the business and they all certainly contribute to what is Tumut Freight Service.

Tumut Freight first bought Kenworth trucks in 2007, two T350 rigids and added a T358 a year later. The business maintained a measured growth and with more demand from national clients the need for prime movers was apparent and the company purchased a new T409SAR in 2014.

 The latest delivery, two T409 Kenworths from Inland Truck Centres in Wagga Wagga has taken the prime mover fleet to six, dominated by the four Kenworths.

“We’ve always been new truck buyers,” Michael said. It’s been a gradual expansion to get to this stage but Kenworth has been the right fit for our business.

“We had Japanese trucks before that and turned them over after four years but never got a great trade. When we looked into it and did the maths, Kenworth gave us a much better return in so many ways.”

 Michael’s grandfather Brian Lucas Snr operated a tipper and carted corn and peas to the Mountain Maid cannery in Batlow. In 1978 he took over a general freight business and ran it until 1991 when he retired. At that time his son Brian together with his wife Christine (Michael’s parents) moved their family from Camden to Tumut and took on the family business.

When Michael was just 10 years old, Brian (Michael’s father) who had a distinguished career in the NSW Police Force, starting in the Mounted Unit, decided his time in the force was up when this new opportunity called.

The family moved to a 40 acre farm on Batlow Road and continued their great love of horses and equestrian events.

In their leisure time, equestrian remains pivotal to the Lucas family’s way of life  – and even now Michael and Tracey’s children are entrenched in pony club and equestrian events continuing the family tradition.

“Mum and Dad were right into equestrian,” Michael said.

“Dad was on the longlist for the team to ride for Australia at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics but his horse got injured and that was it.”

While studying graphic design at Charles Sturt University in Wagga, Michael couldn’t stay away from the horses and got heavily involved in the equestrian facility based at CSU.

His riding ability and equine knowledge was up there with the best, and his Olympic moment came in 2000 in Sydney with an opportunity to prepare horses for the Modern Pentathlon event.

“We took the horses to Sydney and did a demonstration round over the course in front of all the competitors to show them that each horse was of equal standard,” Michael said.

“It was a pretty special time … riding in front of all those world-class competitors was something I look back on and treasure.”

In 2001 he went on to win a State Championship and was named NSW Young Rider of the year, progressing to compete at World Cup level – the highest competition outside the Olympics – and trained in Holland for three months in 2004.

 Now with four T409 prime movers – the latest delivered in September this year – Michael knows a champion when he sees it.

And adding the Kenworth to his expanding stable has everyone at Tumut Freight Service champing at the bit for bigger and better things to come.

New Kenworth T610 launched in Melbourne

Bianca De Marco - Thursday, December 08, 2016

 After almost a decade of development, Kenworth has officially launched the new T610 model during a spectacular ceremony in Melbourne on the weekend.

The result of more than 100,000 Australian design hours and more than ten million kilometres of testing and validation, the T610 was specifically developed for the local road transport market, according to Brad May, Paccar Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

“The T610 is the single largest investment in product development the company has ever made in Australia,” he said.

“It represents everything a Kenworth should be in terms of durability, reliability and safety. Yet the really noticeable product improvements are the superior space, ergonomics and driver comfort and control.”

Based on a tried and proven chassis, the T610 features an entirely new cabin that is centred around the needs of the driver, May elaborated.

“The core of this project was about building a bigger cab but it’s really about creating the ultimate driver environment.

“A good driver environment leads to better all-round driving performance, safety, efficiency and productivity.”

At 2.1m, the new cab is almost 300mm wider than the outgoing one (T409, ed.), with the engineers having also pushed the cab 300mm forward over the engine to meet Australia’s stringent length laws and make the T610 more attractive for the contested fleet market.

“Incorporated into the design is greater foot space, more standing room and storage, wider walkthrough access between the seats and more expansive door and windscreen glass, providing space, visibility and ergonomics never before seen in Kenworth’s suite of Australian made trucks,” May summarised.

While all Kenworth trucks are tested and validated to the same standards, the benchmark for the T610 has been elevated even further, Kenworth’s Engineering Project Design Manager, Ross Cureton explained during the launch event on Saturday.

“The T610 has been tested three times more than any Australian Kenworth truck that’s gone before it,” he shared.

“All Kenworth trucks would normally run on a standard, 60-day shake test program, where the physical cab is mounted on a simulation machine, as if driving on its chassis, to see if it survives. We put the T610 cab through three of these cycles, which acts as if it were being subjected to the vibrations and forces of the worst case road conditions found in Australia.”

Cureton said despite the multiple, at times violent simulations, the new Kenworth cab passed with flying colours. “I’ve been at Kenworth for 23 years and the T610 shake test has proven it to be the most durable cab we’ve ever tested, and we wouldn’t want it to be any less, given the Australian market and our collective expectations.”

As part of the new cab, Kenworth also developed a new, automotive quality dashboard with improved access to the air conditioning (HVAC, ed.) system and tool free access to electrical circuit protection, plus visually apparent fasteners in the dash to assist further access if required.

Under the hood, the new T610 will be powered by Cummins’ X15 Euro V engine with Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain (ADEPT) technology – a term to summarise a whole suite of electronic features that interact with the optional Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), dynamically adapting to operating conditions to enhance fuel economy with no impact to productivity.

The T610, which also come in a SAR version, will be offered in either a day cab or a 860mm sleeper to make it suitable for virtually any application – including maximum payload 26m B-double work. The set forward front axle (SAR) version will also make it suitable for 19m single trailer, as well as tipper and dog applications.

On the safety front, the 610 will be available with state-of-the-art collision avoidance and mitigation technology, “including active cruise with braking and lane departure warning working in harmony to take safety to the next level”, as Kenworth put it.


How to avoid truck fires in the hot season

Bianca De Marco - Friday, December 02, 2016

National Transport Insurance (NTI) is working with transport operators to raise awareness of the increased risk of truck fires in the summer season.

NTI CEO, Tony Clark, said industry consultation indicated that risks could be minimised with planning and strict maintenance schedules.

“NTI has seen an increase in the number of fire claims, including engine fires, tyre or brake fires and electrical fires. Unfortunately, a large number of these could have been prevented with better maintenance and inspections,” Clark said.

“When combined with high temperatures and hot surfaces, deteriorated brakes and bearings, loose wiring and oil leaks can all increase the risk of fire. Fires often result in a total loss of the vehicle, which can in turn increase claims costs and even premiums for policyholders.

“This is on top of the stress caused by having to manage the freight task with one less vehicle on the road.

“NTI encourages all truck owners and operators to spread the word of truck fire risks with their peers and to make safety the number one priority for themselves and their businesses.”

According to NTI, some fires are unpreventable however it says that taking precautions can assist transport businesses in minimising fire risks. NTI recommends ensuring maintenance schedules are up to date, making sure fire prevention equipment and training is a core part of the business’s risk management plan and never smoking when near a vehicle carrying flammable or explosive materials, or when refuelling.


New Cummins engine on the way

Bianca De Marco - Thursday, November 17, 2016
Truck engine manufacturer, Cummins, has confirmed the Australian release of the new X15 Euro V next generation engine for 2017.

According to the company, the X15 will replace the 15-litre ISXe5. “The X15 uses the same hardware and emissions reduction technology, SCR, as the existing ISXe5, and incorporates all the product improvements since the ISXe5 release in 2012, including power cylinder, cylinder head and turbocharger upgrades,” said Andrew Penca, Managing Director Cummins South Pacific.

“The X15 features ADEPT technology, a suite of advanced electronic features capable of delivering fuel economy gains through improved powertrain integration.

“Another feature to be released with the X15 is Connected Diagnostics, a telematics solution that delivers instant and expert diagnosis of engine faults to the customer.”

Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Technology (ADEPT) is for use with Eaton’s 18-speed automated UltraShift Plus transmission and has been under field test in Australia since early 2016. The technology utilises load, speed and grade-sensing technology to initiate adjustments to engine power, torque and transmission gear selection to take advantage of vehicle momentum for better fuel economy.

The first ADEPT package also includes two features ¬– SmartCoast and SmartTorque – which operates when the vehicle is on a moderate downhill grade by disengaging the front box of the transmission and returning the engine to idle to reduce drag, maintain momentum, and ultimately improve fuel economy.

“The X15 builds on the success of the ISXe5 of which more than 6000 have gone into service in Australia and New Zealand since 2013,” said Mike Fowler, Director On-Highway Business for Cummins South Pacific. “The X15 is a sign of what is to come from Cummins in terms of significant efficiency gains for our customers.”

The X15 will be offered with the same ratings as the ISXe5, from 450 to 600 hp with peak torque spanning 1650 to 2050 lb ft.


DAF XF named Fleet Truck of the Year

Bianca De Marco - Friday, November 11, 2016

The DAF XF has been voted ‘Fleet Truck of the Year 2016’ at the ‘Motor Transport Awards’ in London, DAF’s sixth win in nine years.

Regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, the Motor Transport Awards recognise excellence in a number of categories, the most prestigious of which being the ‘Fleet Truck of the Year’ award.

The jury shared that DAF was chosen for the accolade due to its excellent combination of proven reliability, efficiency and top class dealer support. “The great fuel economy makes the XF a top fleet performer”, the jury said. “DAF is completely focused on maximizing vehicle uptime. As an operator, that gives you great confidence.”

The company’s constant upgrades for its XF range also received special mention. “DAF has ensured the cab design has continually evolved and there’s plenty of space inside for the drivers,” the jury added.

Richard Zink, Marketing and Sales Director, DAF Trucks commented, “I am delighted the jury members recognised that the DAF XF offers unequalled low cost of ownership and class leading driver comfort and is backed by a strong and professional network.

“The Motor Transport Awards are judged by an independent panel of hauliers and fleet operators, making winning the Fleet Truck of the Year award even more valuable.”

The award was presented at an official ceremony, which was attended by 1,600 leading representatives from the transport industry.