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News and events for Inland Truck Centres Dubbo, Orange, Wagga Wagga, and Griffith.

How to avoid truck fires in the hot season

Bianca De Marco - Friday, December 02, 2016

National Transport Insurance (NTI) is working with transport operators to raise awareness of the increased risk of truck fires in the summer season.

NTI CEO, Tony Clark, said industry consultation indicated that risks could be minimised with planning and strict maintenance schedules.

“NTI has seen an increase in the number of fire claims, including engine fires, tyre or brake fires and electrical fires. Unfortunately, a large number of these could have been prevented with better maintenance and inspections,” Clark said.

“When combined with high temperatures and hot surfaces, deteriorated brakes and bearings, loose wiring and oil leaks can all increase the risk of fire. Fires often result in a total loss of the vehicle, which can in turn increase claims costs and even premiums for policyholders.

“This is on top of the stress caused by having to manage the freight task with one less vehicle on the road.

“NTI encourages all truck owners and operators to spread the word of truck fire risks with their peers and to make safety the number one priority for themselves and their businesses.”

According to NTI, some fires are unpreventable however it says that taking precautions can assist transport businesses in minimising fire risks. NTI recommends ensuring maintenance schedules are up to date, making sure fire prevention equipment and training is a core part of the business’s risk management plan and never smoking when near a vehicle carrying flammable or explosive materials, or when refuelling.


Orange Branch Opening Soon

Bianca De Marco - Friday, March 11, 2016

1ST Year Apprentice Of The Year Winner

Bianca De Marco - Thursday, August 28, 2014


Andrew is currently completing the first year of his Heavy Vehicle Mechanical Apprenticeship. He has been described by his host employer as being keen and committed to his trade and always willing to help out. Andrew has an enthusiastic attitude to his apprenticeship which has achieved results of 97% in theory test completed as part of his Kenworth Dealer Service training.

Congratulations to Andrew

Cummins Agents for Central West NSW

Reliance Technology - Friday, April 19, 2013

Did you know we are the official Cummins agents for Central West NSW? That's right, anytime you need Genuine Cummins parts or service, we can provide it for you!

Whether it's a Turbocharger, EGR Cooler Kit,

Jack Finlayson - Finalist in Kenworth Technician of the Year 2013

Reliance Technology - Monday, April 08, 2013
Jack Finlayson with his Technician of the Year award.

Congratulations to Jack Finlayson of Inland Truck Centres Dubbo, finalist in the PACCAR Australia Technician of the Year 2013 (Kenworth division)!

Throughout 2012, a series of four tests were sent out across the Dealer Network requiring technicians to answer a variety of questions relating to the DAF and Kenworth product. Based on these results, the top six finalists were selected to take on the Service Challenge competition at PACCAR Trucks Melbourne workshop in Derrimut, Victoria.

The competition was comprised of two parts – theory and practical. The Theory Challenge was based on a classroom examination of the competitors’ technical knowledge. Competitors were given access to DealerNet and required to solve a series of technical problems.

A close-up of Jack's Technician of the Year award.

The Practical Challenge pitted three technicians against each other in two separate categories, Kenworth and DAF. Three identical Kenworth K200’s and three identical DAF CF85’s were configured with simulated ‘faults’ added by PACCAR Australia’s Customer Service Department. The challenge was to find all faults, apply appropriate methods to fix them, write up comprehensive job cards and leave the vehicles in the same condition as if they were being handed back to a customer – all in the quickest timeframe possible.

Check causes of tyre wear

Reliance Technology - Monday, June 02, 2008

Over the years, we've seen premature tyre wear too many times.

There are several reasons wear unevenly – from tyre pressures, worn steering or suspension components, trailer alignment, kingpin and turntable binding, etc etc.

Inspection of all front and rear suspensions, including steering components, is critical to achieving maximum longevity from all tyres.

Even if tyre pressures are down slightly, it will not only cause uneven wear, but will increase fuel usage and cost you, the owner, more money to replace tyres.

All front axle steering components and rear suspension components must be checked at regular intervals to prevent some of the causes of excessive tyre wear. These inspections can be carried out at your local Inland Truck Centres dealership, so be sure to book your truck in today to have this cost-saving maintenance carried out by our professional technicians!